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Welcome to the UMA Wiki

Unity Multipurpose Avatar System, or UMA for short, is a free character creation and modification system with lots of cool features. UMA was designed with flexibility in mind, so although it's primary purpose is for working with humanoid characters, its systems can be adapted to work with any model you like. So if you want to create modifiable, optimised models for use in your games. UMA is the place to start. As a community project UMA is always being improved. Although the best efforts are made to keep this wiki up to date, it relies on the spare time of helpful individuals to maintain. If you want more help or feel like chipping in then get involved with one of the community links below.

Getting UMA

Asset Store Version

This is the general release of the last major revision. Due to Unity asset store restrictions, this may not always be the latest version, but is generally considered to be stable.

UMA on the Unity Asset Store

GitHub Repository

This is where all the action happens. This repository contains all of the experimental versions of UMA as well as other supporting assets. The UMA Repository may have a bewildering number of branches (since lots of people are working on different features), however, there are only 2 you need to concern yourself with when starting out. The “main” branch tends to correspond with the asset store version listed above and the “develop” branch which tends to be the most up to date, stable version with all the latest fixes.

Latest stable version of UMA (Development Branch)
Full UMA repository

Extensions and dedicated assets

Although UMA can be made to work with most assets, there are number of packages either based on UMA or designed to work with UMA directly. Find some of the best here.

Asset Store Links


UMA is a community driven project that has been developed by a great many talented and passionate people over the years. If you're using it then you are already a part of that community, feel free to get in touch, ask questions or even contribute. We have an active slack channel and someone will always respond on the Unity forum, so dive in and join us.

UMA Unity Forum


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