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Getting Started

Welcome to UMA!

First, check out the Basic Concepts.

UMA Download is located here.

Example Scenes

In “UMA→Example→Scenes” there are the original example scenes.

In “UMA→Extensions→DynamicCharacterSystem→Example→Scenes” are newer example scene displaying the Dynamic character system.

Setting Up a New Scene

Example set of DNA.

  • Find the prefab “UMA_DCS” and drag this in to the scene. This is the object that contains all your libraries, context, generator and mesh combiner objects.
  • Next, find the prefab “UMADynamicCharacterAvatar” and drag this in to the scene. This will be an UMA avatar. It contains the script “DynamicCharacterAvatar”.
  • Set it's position to wherever you want and make sure there is an object or terrain underneath the avatar object. Also, make sure it is in view of the game Camera.
  • Hit play and you should see the default male get created.
  • While playing, you can select the avatar object and see the dna in the “UMAData” component that now exists on it. You can adjust the values to see immediate changes.
  • From here you could change to other races or add new wardrobe items along with their necessary slots and overlays.
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