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A “race” in UMA is nothing more than a specific TPose and set of DNA converters. For example there are RaceData entries for Male Humans and Female Humans, because they have slightly different TPoses and gender specific DNA converters, despite sharing the same DNA types.

The term “race” can be confusing in UMA. It is used for avatars that share the same base mesh and DNA. For example, if you have a dwarf that is created from the human base mesh simply by changing the dna to be shorter and stockier, then it will still be the same “race” as the human, in UMA terms. This is completely abstract from any game level concept of character races. This is the reason why a human male and a human female are different “races” in UMA, because they have different base meshes.


Creating a new RaceData asset can be done by right-clicking in a folder to bring up the create menu.

Select “Create→UMA→Core→RaceData”.


  • Race Name - String name for the race. Will be used when access this RaceData from other components, for example when selecting the active race from a Dynamic Character Avatar.
  • UMA Target - The mecanim avatar type used by this race.
  • Root Motion Transform - Needs description
  • TPose - Needed for the avatar system.
  • Expression Set - Optional expression set used for facial animation.
  • Dna Converter List - Add the various DNA Converters that this race will use to this list.
  • Dna Ranges - Optional set of Dna ranges
  • Base Race Recipe - Base Text recipe of slots and overlays that make up a “naked” avatar of this race.
  • Wardrobe Slots - Wardrobe slots this race has available to it.

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