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Getting Started

UMA contains a Getting Started folder with some prefabs to help you get going fast.

  • UMA_DCS - Contains the entire UMA runtime needed to generate avatars
  • UMADynamicCharacterAvatar - This is a customizable character that is generated at runtime

First Steps

Create a new scene. In the UMA/Getting Started folder drag the UMA_DCS prefab into the scene so that the system is setup. At this time, you don’t need to make any changes. Create a 3D Cube in the scene, and scale it to 10,1,10 and then drag and drop the UMADynamicCharacterAvatar prefab into the scene on top of it. If the new prefab is not selected, select it in the scene Hierarchy and press “f” to focus it. It should show a gray stand-in character on your cube.

Select the race of the character in the DynamicCharacterAvatar prefab.

View the results

Make sure the scene camera is pointing at your character, and press play. Your first character should be standing around on the cube, looking kind of suspicious.

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