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 +====== Getting Started ======
 +UMA contains a Getting Started folder with some prefabs to help you get going fast.
 +  * **UMA_DCS** - Contains the entire UMA runtime needed to generate avatars
 +  * **UMADynamicCharacterAvatar** - This is a customizable character that is generated at runtime
 +===== First Steps =====
 +Create a new scene. In the UMA/Getting Started folder drag the **UMA_DCS** prefab into the scene so that the system is setup. At this time, you don’t need to make any changes. Create a 3D Cube in the scene, and scale it to 10,1,10 and then drag and drop the **UMADynamicCharacterAvatar** prefab into the scene on top of it. If the new prefab is not selected, select it in the scene Hierarchy and press “f” to focus it. It should show a gray stand-in character on your cube. 
 +Select the race of the character in the **DynamicCharacterAvatar** prefab. ​
 +===== View the results =====
 +Make sure the scene camera is pointing at your character, and press play. 
 +Your first character should be standing around on the cube, looking kind of suspicious. ​
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