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The Wardrobe system introduces the concept of “Wardrobe recipes”. These containers allow you to select compatible races that they are to be used on, the wardrobe slot (not to be confused with regular slots) as well as other configuration options. Finally, you can add the slots and overlays that represent this wardrobe recipe. In essence, this encapsulates the idea of an “item” or “clothing” that can be used as one object.

Wardrobe Recipe


Wardrobe create menu

To create a new wardrobe recipe, right click on the project pane and select “Create→UMA→DCS→Wardrobe recipe”.


Example Wardrobe recipe

Automatic Updates - Default checked on. Automatic updates will automatically save the recipe when changes are made.

Show Help - Checking this will show some useful helpboxes explaining what the inputs on the wardrobe recipes are for.

Races Drag and Drop - Compatible races are assigned to this recipe. Recipes are restricted to the races to which they are assigned. Wardrobe recipes cannot be assigned to a race that they are not compatible with. Thumbnails can be used to attach sprites to the recipe for use in UI design.

Display Value - Used to store a user-friendly name for this item. It's not used for constructing the character, but it can be used in UI design by accessing the .DisplayValue field on the recipe.

Wardrobe Slot - This assigns the recipe to a Wardrobe Slot. The wardrobe slots are defined on the race. Characters can have only one recipe per Wardrobe slot at a time, so for example, adding a “beard” recipe to a character will replace the existing “beard” if there is one.

Suppress Wardrobe Slot(s) - This will stop a different wardrobe slot from displaying. For example, if you have a full-length robe assigned to a “chest” wardrobe slot, you would want to suppress whatever is assigned to the “legs” wardrobe slot, so they don't poke through. This is typically used for dresses, robes, and other items that cover multiple body areas.

Hides Base Slot(s) - This is used to hide parts of the base recipe. For example, if you create gloves, you may want to hide the “hands”, so you don't get poke-through.

Replaces - This is used to replace part of the base recipe while keeping it's overlays. For example, if you want to replace the head from the base race recipe with a High Poly head, you would “replace” the head, not hide it. Only one slot can be replaced, and the recipe should only contain one slot.

MeshHideAssets - List of Mesh Hide Assets that will be applied when this wardrobe recipe is used.

Shared Colors -

Drag Slots and Overlays Box -

Wardrobe Collection

Wardrobe Collection

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